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Sandy Smith of Womble Carlyle is a gifted business lawyer from Atlanta, Georgia. The company he works for is a law firm with fourteen offices and almost six hundred lawyers.

Sandy Smith of Womble Carlyle: How to Choose a Bike Shop

If you are as serious about biking as Sandy Smith of Womble Carlyle is, you will need to find people that can help you with your bike should you need help. You want someone whose advice and perspective you can trust when it comes to choosing a bike, fitting it, and selecting the right accessories. You may also need help in situations when you can’t perform complicated repairs on your own. Local bike shops are usually owned and operated by people who are really passionate about bikes. A local shop is one of the best resources for help, advice, and for meeting like-minded individuals.

Sandy Smith of Womble Carlyle: How to Choose a Bike Shop

If you are just getting started with biking, you may feel a little intimidated when you first walk into a bike shop. You will usually see a store that’s really crowded with all kinds of bikes and bike parts. You will see bikes on the ceiling, on the walls, on the floor, and there may also be videos of bikes playing on TV and posters of bikes hanging on the wall. All of this is just a sign that the owners and the employees at a bike store are really passionate about bikes.

Although an area may have several bike stores, they will probably be located at a large distance from each other and one of them will be significantly closer to your home than the others. Even if that’s the case, visit all the stores to get a feel for them and choose the one that is right for you. Talk to other bikers about their opinions and experiences, visit a few stores, and then make a decision for yourself. Being able to visit a bike store that has knowledgeable, friendly employees that know you and your biking preferences can significantly enhance your biking experience. Once you choose a store for you, spend some time there getting to know the staff. They can help you not only with parts for your bike, but also with recommendations about places to ride and introductions to other bikers.

Employees that work at a good bike shop will actually encourage you to do some of the work on your bike on your own. A good shop is not about making its customers dependent on it. It is about empowering its customers on their journey.

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Some of the features that you want to see in a bike shop include stellar customer service, a store that is open year-round and has a quick turnaround time when customers like Sandy Smith of Womble Carlyle place their orders.


Sandy Smith of Womble Carlyle: Measuring Happiness

Sandy Smith of Womble Carlyle is an attorney who has a business degree and is really interested in how economies work.

Economics assumes that people have free will and are fully rational beings that can make decisions on their own. Economists believe that the desire to be happy is the basic motivation that drives most decisions for most of the people. This assumption implies that people make decisions to maximize their happiness in the given circumstances. This leads to the necessity of being able to compare how much happiness a decision, a product, or a service can bring.

Sandy Smith of Womble Carlyle: Measuring Happiness

Utility is how economists measure happiness. If you like something a lot, that something has high utility. Things that you only care about a little have low or negative utility. This concept is very inclusive. Utility may be happiness from buying a new gadget and it also may describe happiness from the sense of moral satisfaction. The important thing about utility is that it allows comparing satisfaction levels from all kinds of otherwise incomparable activities. The view that people make decisions in order to maximize personal happiness usually gets an objection that points to people who are willing to take on enormous sufferings to help others.

Economists view the choice to help others as a personal preference. They assume that people donate money to charities or give their own food away because that’s what makes them happy. The science of economics doesn’t question the morality of people’s actions. It is interested in what people including Sandy Smith of Womble Carlyle do based on their preferences.

Sandy Smith Womble Carlyle: Why You Should Buy a Bike from a Local Store

While you and Sandy Smith of Womble Carlyle can buy a bike on the Internet and maybe even save a little bit of money while doing so, buying a bike from your local bike shop has a big advantage. The employees at the shop can help you find the bike that’s right for you, assemble it, and adjust it for you. The face-to-face personal service and an opportunity to test-drive multiple bikes are truly invaluable, especially if you are just getting started with biking.

Sandy Smith of Womble Carlyle: Why You Should Buy a Bike from a Local Store

The staff at a local bike store is not going to just put your bike together for you. They will disassemble it first. Then they will make sure that everything is working properly, fine-tune the parts, and assemble the bike again.

When you come to pick up your bike, they will talk to you about the most important things you need to know about your new bike. They will show you how everything functions and give you some valuable tips.

After you ride a few times on a new bike, the bearings will loosen up, the gear and brake cable will stretch and need adjustments. Most bike shops will perform the adjustments for free if you buy a bike from them.

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Before you decide which bike to get, make sure to test drive a number of makes and models. It is hard to decide which bike you like more if you haven’t compared it to other bikes. You can do your research online, you can talk to local bikers like Sandy Smith of Womble Carlyle to find out about their preferences, but nothing can replace a personal test-drive.

Sandy Smith of Womble Carlyle: Fundamental Principles of Japanese Gardening

Sandy Smith of Womble Carlyle is a successful attorney who appreciates different forms of art, including Japanese Gardening

Sandy Smith of Womble Carlyle: Fundamental Principles of Japanese Gardening

Japanese Gardening is art that is based on certain principles. Miniaturization is one of the most important fundamentals of Japanese gardening. In miniaturization, elements such as ponds and piles of soil represent much bigger landscapes. Miniaturization goes side by side with different ways to make parts and elements of gardens appear larger than they actually are. One of the ways to accomplish this goal is to place larger rocks and trees in the foreground and smaller ones in the background. A composition like this creates an illusion of big distance between the two sets.

Sandy Smith of Womble Carlyle: Fundamental Principles of Japanese Gardening

A second important principle is the arrangement of the gardens in such a way that it is impossible to see everything at once. For example, in some gardens, plants and fences block the long-range views. A third principle is asymmetry. This principle makes all the elements of a Japanese garden to appear non-dominant. A focal point of the garden, if there is one, would be located off to a side. For example, rocks and trees in Japanese gardens usually form compositions that balance horizontal, vertical, and diagonal lines.  Not all Japanese gardens are designed for people to enter them. Some of the gardens are to be viewed from outside, such as a nearby building or a deck. Gardens like these use a different set of rules. It is usually possible for people like Sandy Smith of Womble Carlyle to see the entire garden at once and to trace routes inside the garden.

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Sandy Smith of Womble Carlyle: History of Japanese Gardens

Sandy Smith of Womble Carlyle is an attorney who appreciates the beauty of Japanese Gardens.

Japanese gardens take their roots in two ancient Japanese customs. The first one is the aboriginal prehistoric tradition to devote bits of graveled forests to spirits. The second tradition comes from China and Korea. It brings to the gardens elements such as rock compositions, ponds, and waterfalls.

Sandy Smith of Womble Carlyle History of Japanese Gardens

In Western countries, the word “garden” describes a place where people grow plants, for example, “vegetable garden” or “apple garden.” The word may also describe a place where flowers, trees, and other plants are aesthetically arranged to provide enjoyment to the visitors of the garden. From the Japanese perspective, this definition is very narrow because some of the gardens in Japan include only rocks and gravel and don’t have any growing plants.

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The word for the term “garden” in the Japanese language consists of two parts. The first part describes ancient sacred places where ceremonies were carried out to honor and welcome the spirits. The second part of the word describes an area dense in clay located in front of a farmhouse. The Japanese used this area to welcome guests and perform their daily chores. This means that Japanese gardens represent a continuum that extends from places created for sacred purposes, includes gardens that combine aesthetics with philosophical wisdom, and ends with purely secular gardens. Many people, including Sandy Smith of Womble Carlyle, consider the gardens in the middle of this continuum to be some of the best in Japan.

Sandy Smith – Three Tips for Learning Spanish from the Womble Carlyle Lawyer

Sandy Smith Womble Carlyle has worked for twenty-five years as a business attorney and advisor at Womble Carlyle. Many years ago, after he met his future wife, an Argentinian woman, he decided that he had to learn Spanish. This was no easy task for Smith, but today he speaks the language fluently and he has many tips for you to learn the language as he did:

  • Label everything in your surroundings. Sandy Smith was thought to be crazy by his friends and co-workers when he began to label everything around him at his desk at Womble Carlyle in Spanish. These physical reminders allow you to build your vocabulary while you’re at your desk or at home. You’ll learn the Spanish words for a variety of household and common office objects and reinforce this knowledge every single day.
  • Have patience. Remember that you’re learning a new language, and that as an adult, doing so is extremely difficult. The key to continuing your study of Spanish is to remember to have patience with yourself. You’ll never speak fluently if you’re afraid of messing up a few words. Learning any new language takes time and dedication. Spanish is no different.
  • Find a partner. Working with a native speaker like Sandy Smith did was extremely helpful in his quest to learn Spanish. You can get advice from a native speaker for how exactly certain words should sound and always have a teacher ready to help you when you struggle.

Sandy Smith Womble Carlyle learned Spanish early on in his career at Womble Carlyle and it helped him reach his current position.

Sandy Smith – Womble Carlyle Lawyer Likes to Fly Fish at These Three Spots in Georgia

Sandy Smith works for the Atlanta office of Womble Carlyle. He has helped open a new office in Silicon Valley, helped many corporate clients find the legal and business advice they need to make their complex deals, mergers, and acquisitions happen, and worked well with his team of all-star lawyers to satisfy all client needs. Smith also loves to fly fish in Georgia. Here are his three favorite spots in the state:

  • The Chattooga River. A large freestone river that splits the border of Georgia and South Carolina, the Chattooga gives fly fishermen like Sandy Smith to get away from the office at Womble Carlyle and get out to the northeast corner of the state to find both wild and stocked trout. At the lower end of the river, there is a large delayed-harvest section managed by both states.
  • Noontootla Creek. Running down from a sheer ridge in Blue Ridge Wildlife Management Area and flows into the Toccoa River near Dial, Georgia in Fannin County, most of this creek’s public access can be gained from US Forest Road 58. You can find small stream fishing in the creek’s headwaters and larger areas for your nine-foot rod.
  • Smith Creek. This is the only delayed-harvest small stream fishing area in the state of Georgia. The public fishing areas of this stream are all inside Unicoi State Park. Be sure to stop by the state park lodge to pick up your free daily fishing permit.

Sandy Smith loves to take time off whenever his busy schedule allows at Womble Carlyle to find these excellent fishing spots throughout the state of Georgia.


Sandy Smith – Womble Carlyle Lawyer Interested in Santiago de Compostela

Sandy Smith, a Womble Carlyle lawyer based in Atlanta, has long been enraptured by the traditional Catholic pilgrimage to the shrine of St. James the Great in Galicia in northwestern Spain. Tradition has it that the saint’s remains have been buried there for centuries. Smith sees the pilgrimage route as a form of spiritual adventure and has long been interested in the shrine, the people that seek it in Spain, and its long history. Smith is always trying to find his next adventure wherever it leads him.

Sandy Smith, busy with his job at Womble Carlyle, is always reading stories about the Santiago de Compostela pilgrimage. This was one of the most important and prominent Christian pilgrimages in the Middle Ages, along with traditional pilgrimages to Rome and Jerusalem. According to legend, the remains of St. James were taken from Jerusalem by boat to northern Spain, where he was buried in the small city of Santiago de Compostela. Throughout the Middle Ages, many hundreds of pilgrims traveled from all over Europe to the city. Traffic on the many routes from several places in Spain and France was heavy until the mid-1300s, when the plague swept through Europe. Further unrest in Europe in the centuries following also contributed to a decline of pilgrims on the Way of St. James.

Sandy Smith Womble Carlyle helps corporate clients with their legal issues to help them increase their holdings, their sales, and create more opportunities to reach more customers in a more efficient way. He loves to give back to the community whenever possible and learn about old traditions around the world.

Sandy Smith – Working as a Senior Partner for Womble Carlyle

Sandy Smith works as a Senior Partner for Womble Carlyle in the Corporate and Securities Group. He helps corporate clients get the legal advice they need to acquire new businesses and move themselves into the next chapter of their corporate successes. Smith became a Senior Partner at Womble Carlyle after working there for many years by building on his experience and education in the corporate sector and by finding solutions for his clients, no matter how complex. He is proud to work for a large and successful law firm that has helped many clients throughout the United States.

Sandy Smith came to work for Womble Carlyle in part because of its long established history, its nearly 600 lawyers, and its fifteen offices throughout the country. The firm was originally established in Winston-Salem, North Carolina in 1876 and now has offices and teams of lawyers in many East Coast cities, and now in Silicon Valley. Womble Carlyle is a full-service law firm with a wide range of clients all over the world in industries such as healthcare, life sciences, commercial real estate, intellectual patents and property, and telecommunications. It has also worked closely with governmental agencies and other bodies and is nearly every year ranked among the leading law firms in the United States, according to American Lawyer.

Sandy Smith Womble Carlyle entered this long tradition at Womble Carlyle many years ago and has learned from the firm’s excellent team of attorneys whenever he could so that he can help his clients even more in future work. He has helped many corporations achieve their stated goals with excellent services and advice based on his long experience in corporate law.

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