Sandy Smith works as a Senior Partner for Womble Carlyle in the Corporate and Securities Group. He helps corporate clients get the legal advice they need to acquire new businesses and move themselves into the next chapter of their corporate successes. Smith became a Senior Partner at Womble Carlyle after working there for many years by building on his experience and education in the corporate sector and by finding solutions for his clients, no matter how complex. He is proud to work for a large and successful law firm that has helped many clients throughout the United States.

Sandy Smith came to work for Womble Carlyle in part because of its long established history, its nearly 600 lawyers, and its fifteen offices throughout the country. The firm was originally established in Winston-Salem, North Carolina in 1876 and now has offices and teams of lawyers in many East Coast cities, and now in Silicon Valley. Womble Carlyle is a full-service law firm with a wide range of clients all over the world in industries such as healthcare, life sciences, commercial real estate, intellectual patents and property, and telecommunications. It has also worked closely with governmental agencies and other bodies and is nearly every year ranked among the leading law firms in the United States, according to American Lawyer.

Sandy Smith Womble Carlyle entered this long tradition at Womble Carlyle many years ago and has learned from the firm’s excellent team of attorneys whenever he could so that he can help his clients even more in future work. He has helped many corporations achieve their stated goals with excellent services and advice based on his long experience in corporate law.