Sandy Smith, a Womble Carlyle lawyer based in Atlanta, has long been enraptured by the traditional Catholic pilgrimage to the shrine of St. James the Great in Galicia in northwestern Spain. Tradition has it that the saint’s remains have been buried there for centuries. Smith sees the pilgrimage route as a form of spiritual adventure and has long been interested in the shrine, the people that seek it in Spain, and its long history. Smith is always trying to find his next adventure wherever it leads him.

Sandy Smith, busy with his job at Womble Carlyle, is always reading stories about the Santiago de Compostela pilgrimage. This was one of the most important and prominent Christian pilgrimages in the Middle Ages, along with traditional pilgrimages to Rome and Jerusalem. According to legend, the remains of St. James were taken from Jerusalem by boat to northern Spain, where he was buried in the small city of Santiago de Compostela. Throughout the Middle Ages, many hundreds of pilgrims traveled from all over Europe to the city. Traffic on the many routes from several places in Spain and France was heavy until the mid-1300s, when the plague swept through Europe. Further unrest in Europe in the centuries following also contributed to a decline of pilgrims on the Way of St. James.

Sandy Smith Womble Carlyle helps corporate clients with their legal issues to help them increase their holdings, their sales, and create more opportunities to reach more customers in a more efficient way. He loves to give back to the community whenever possible and learn about old traditions around the world.