Sandy Smith Womble Carlyle has worked for twenty-five years as a business attorney and advisor at Womble Carlyle. Many years ago, after he met his future wife, an Argentinian woman, he decided that he had to learn Spanish. This was no easy task for Smith, but today he speaks the language fluently and he has many tips for you to learn the language as he did:

  • Label everything in your surroundings. Sandy Smith was thought to be crazy by his friends and co-workers when he began to label everything around him at his desk at Womble Carlyle in Spanish. These physical reminders allow you to build your vocabulary while you’re at your desk or at home. You’ll learn the Spanish words for a variety of household and common office objects and reinforce this knowledge every single day.
  • Have patience. Remember that you’re learning a new language, and that as an adult, doing so is extremely difficult. The key to continuing your study of Spanish is to remember to have patience with yourself. You’ll never speak fluently if you’re afraid of messing up a few words. Learning any new language takes time and dedication. Spanish is no different.
  • Find a partner. Working with a native speaker like Sandy Smith did was extremely helpful in his quest to learn Spanish. You can get advice from a native speaker for how exactly certain words should sound and always have a teacher ready to help you when you struggle.

Sandy Smith Womble Carlyle learned Spanish early on in his career at Womble Carlyle and it helped him reach his current position.