While you and Sandy Smith of Womble Carlyle can buy a bike on the Internet and maybe even save a little bit of money while doing so, buying a bike from your local bike shop has a big advantage. The employees at the shop can help you find the bike that’s right for you, assemble it, and adjust it for you. The face-to-face personal service and an opportunity to test-drive multiple bikes are truly invaluable, especially if you are just getting started with biking.

Sandy Smith of Womble Carlyle: Why You Should Buy a Bike from a Local Store

The staff at a local bike store is not going to just put your bike together for you. They will disassemble it first. Then they will make sure that everything is working properly, fine-tune the parts, and assemble the bike again.

When you come to pick up your bike, they will talk to you about the most important things you need to know about your new bike. They will show you how everything functions and give you some valuable tips.

After you ride a few times on a new bike, the bearings will loosen up, the gear and brake cable will stretch and need adjustments. Most bike shops will perform the adjustments for free if you buy a bike from them.

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Before you decide which bike to get, make sure to test drive a number of makes and models. It is hard to decide which bike you like more if you haven’t compared it to other bikes. You can do your research online, you can talk to local bikers like Sandy Smith of Womble Carlyle to find out about their preferences, but nothing can replace a personal test-drive.