If you are as serious about biking as Sandy Smith of Womble Carlyle is, you will need to find people that can help you with your bike should you need help. You want someone whose advice and perspective you can trust when it comes to choosing a bike, fitting it, and selecting the right accessories. You may also need help in situations when you can’t perform complicated repairs on your own. Local bike shops are usually owned and operated by people who are really passionate about bikes. A local shop is one of the best resources for help, advice, and for meeting like-minded individuals.

Sandy Smith of Womble Carlyle: How to Choose a Bike Shop

If you are just getting started with biking, you may feel a little intimidated when you first walk into a bike shop. You will usually see a store that’s really crowded with all kinds of bikes and bike parts. You will see bikes on the ceiling, on the walls, on the floor, and there may also be videos of bikes playing on TV and posters of bikes hanging on the wall. All of this is just a sign that the owners and the employees at a bike store are really passionate about bikes.

Although an area may have several bike stores, they will probably be located at a large distance from each other and one of them will be significantly closer to your home than the others. Even if that’s the case, visit all the stores to get a feel for them and choose the one that is right for you. Talk to other bikers about their opinions and experiences, visit a few stores, and then make a decision for yourself. Being able to visit a bike store that has knowledgeable, friendly employees that know you and your biking preferences can significantly enhance your biking experience. Once you choose a store for you, spend some time there getting to know the staff. They can help you not only with parts for your bike, but also with recommendations about places to ride and introductions to other bikers.

Employees that work at a good bike shop will actually encourage you to do some of the work on your bike on your own. A good shop is not about making its customers dependent on it. It is about empowering its customers on their journey.

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Some of the features that you want to see in a bike shop include stellar customer service, a store that is open year-round and has a quick turnaround time when customers like Sandy Smith of Womble Carlyle place their orders.